Marshamallow Jack-o-lantern with Kitty

I've joined the "September 2015 Thirty Paintings in Thirty Days" challenge. No idea if I'll hit it, but figured I'd give it a shot! Good motivation to keep pushing forward.

Here's my first painting, which is available for sale. Drop me a note with the contact form if interested!

6"x6" acrylic on deep canvas. That jack-o-lantern does not look happy about that marshmallow kity chewing on him!


August 2015 News

winners of the marshmallow sticker battle!!

News! There is some! More or less.

For a couple too-short months, Marshamallow Surprise! art made its way into a very cute boutique in Rockford, appropriately named Cute as a Bug. Unfortunately, they had to close due to the property owner selling the building. Hopefully, they'll be able to re-open at an even better location soon. If that happens, you can be sure Twitchy Kitty Studio and Marshamallow Surprise! will be there!

I finished up the first set of marshamallow art for Artists in Cellophane, the folks who run the Art-O-Mat project! I was very happy to get the little marshmallow animals shipped off to them. The project took a bit longer than I had anticipated (doesn't it always?) even after taking Life into account. Still, I feel I did pretty good, what with being a one-man show and all.

Alllll those pieces for Art-O-Mat

After the high of getting those completed and shipped off eased, I thought what better way to celebrate than to ask my fans to vote on which marshmallow animals would make great stickers?! Yes, I am pretty sure I'm insane. We just finished all five rounds of voting and fans chose six out of that 50. I'm now getting the images prepped and uploaded to the RedBubble shop.

Once that's complete,  I'll be holding a raffle on Facebook — and possibly on Reddit and DeviantArt as well. I'm not sure yet on the latter two. My most active fans tend to be on Facebook, and though I have over 100 watchers on DeviantArt, it can be difficult to get interaction there. I'm not known on Reddit at all, really, so that may flop as well. Shouldn't hurt to try anyway, though, right?

So... keep your eyeballs peeled on the Twitchy Kitty Studio Facebook page, because more fun is coming! You could win a marshmallow sticker pack!!



I'm working on a series of 50 little marshmallow animals to send in to Art-o-Mat! The Art-o-Mat peeps take old cigarette vending machines and repurpose them to vend art. They send machines all over the country, it's such a cool project. I have about 30 finished, I need to make about 20 more before I can send in my first batch.

As a special treat, I'm posting the "animallows" to my Facebook page first, to give my fans first dibs (I'm also doing this to help raise money for my siamese's vet bills. He's been sick lately.)

Lots of other cool things going on, too. Check out the Twitchy Kitty Studio Facebook page to keep up!


A Few Months in to 2015

Well, just barely. It's almost April and we just got snow dumped on us out here in general Chicagoland/northern Illinois. Grand.

Anyway, I was just chillin' after work, perusing calls for entry for art competitions when I realized something. I have no idea where my work really fits outside of the convention scene and/or comic stylings... so I kind of have this need to try to horn in to wherever I don't think I will belong. I do this on a personal level, too. Won't go in depth, but it seems to be a Thing I Do. Just to see if I can belong there.

I think I'll keep doing it.

Other news
I took a good chunk of the winter "off" from art projects because day job had become insanely busy, I got involved in a volunteer group this past fall, and I had a family project to work on. Also because a week of video gaming at Christmas left my carpal tunnel acting up something fierce, and I'm still struggling to get it under control. The family project is completed and delivered, the volunteer work continues, and the day job is improbably more insanely busy than it had been (but I still enjoy it, go figure). I'm slowly working on some new artworks, and whenever possible I'll share what I'm working on. I may forget to upload here, so be sure to follow me on instagram: https://instagram.com/twitchykittystudio/ and/or Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MallowKitty

The Facebook page has been updated to Twitchy Kitty Studio, as Marshamallow Surprise isn't inclusive enough anymore. There are other projects besides marshmallows I'll be working on, but the marshmallows are not going away. I'm not sure if/when this site will transition, but consider it a probability.


So this was a thing....

That happened over the summer. I finally got it off the camera :)


Post-Acen and Sketches

I just realized I forgot to post (here) the Acen wrap-up. I posted to DeviantArt and forgot the blog entirely. There's pictures and stuff, which I don't feel like uploading and formatting here and whatnot right now (it's getting late), but have a link to the dA post: Twitchy Kitty Studio: Post-Con Wrap Up: Acen 2014

The coolest thing, which I will mention: I placed second in the competition! It's been a couple weeks and I'm still stoked about that!

Moving on...

I'm still about, and I'm behind in the June Marshamallow Surprises Subscription installment. Mostly because of Acen, but now that's over and I'm better rested I have no excuse. So I gotta get on that. But, I haven't been completely slacking! I got a new sketchbook recently. I am loving this thing, and I've been playing with the white gel pen I also recently picked up. Yes, I was inspired by Will Terrel! Naturally, I can't get enough of this thing yet, but I'm sure I'll get it out of my system soon enough.

Nope, no marshamallows, I needed a break from them. A lot of trees, they're really fun to draw. Husband loves the pink one (because of the movement, not the pinkness) best.

Don't worry, I'll get back to marshamallows soon.


Pony Mallows

Finished up Cheese Sandwich today, and even got him framed! Him, Fluttershy, and Rainbow Dash mallows are going to Acen 2014 next weekend. So excited for them, they're going to have a great time in the Art Show!