Art Guild Mosaic Board

I'm the new keeper of the mosaic boards for Rockford Art Guild. They need a little rehabbing, so I'm working on that while the weather is decent this weekend (for winter).

February 12, the Guild will be at Nicholas Conservatory for a new juried show! Our mosaic boards will be there, with affordable art for sale. Proceeds from the mosaic board art benefit the Rockford Art Guild.


Literacy Council Fundraiser

Saturday, January 30 (2016), Top Cut Comics on South Alpine in Rockford is hosting a fundraiser for the Literacy Council. I made Spidermallow up there for the silent auction — the ONLY way for you to get him is to place a bid on him in the silent auction and hope you win! He's an 8"x8" collage piece. The pages are from a copy of The Origin of Species. Yes, the one by Charles Darwin. It seemed appropriate. Spidermallow himself is made from polymer clay and painted in acrylic, and the webbing is framing wire. I didn't feel it would be prudent to try to get all the details, so I didn't. He was a lot of fun to put together.

When I first heard about the event, and that pieces were being sought for the auction, I put some thought into it during my morning commute. For the evening commute home, I put more thought in and figure out how I would pull it off. Sometimes a long drive is good for you.

So anyway, if you want to go to the event, and help the Literacy Council (which I recommend) while having a good time, read up on it here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1652127895047581/


Post-Market and Holidays

Sugarplum Market was a success! It was a lot of fun, I got to meet fellow area artists, and introduce new people to the marshmallows! Very glad I did it, and hope to do it again next year.

The holidays were a good time to relax and unwind a bit, very important after all the craziness leading up to the holidays. 11 days off the day job and I didn't do much, really. Which I needed. I won't even wish I'd done any work, because I really, really needed to turn "off" from everything for awhile. Glad I was able to!

While I was "off", I worked on the new studio space a bit. Husband helped me get a new shelf up and put together the new drawing table. I love the studio, it's coming together nicely. It's probably not a typical work space, but my work isn't that messy, mostly I need a place to store supplies — so I opted for a relaxing, beautiful space. I started with neutral tones to counter the bright colors in the rest of the house, and have been working on it from there. (Husband said it looks like coffee threw up in there, but he likes it better now that it's starting to come together!)

And, I started working in crochet again. I think this might become a yearly post-holiday winter thing. It's kinda relaxing. Below is an photo of the scarf I made as well as a couple shots of the studio.


Sugarplum Market

Working on some little canvases for Sugarplum Market! Coming up on December 12 at North Main Studios in Rockford!


Day Six: Black Widow Mallow

This is a fun commission piece I finally finished up! I agonized over the background and webs for weeks. One might think that silly and unnecessary, but sometimes it is necessary. Marker piece, so any placement of color there's no going back! I love how she turned out, and she's so happy!


Day Five: FrankenMallow

FrankenMallow! You can see his castle home in the background there :) He's just sittin' around in the fields playing with a dandelion... I have no idea where he got the dandelion, as it seems to be all dormant grasses around him. Go figure... At least he's happy!


Day Three: Witchy Mallow

I love the colors on this one, too! I love everything about this one. Her besom (broom), her hat, her skirt, her pumpkin familiar (look behind her!)