New Post for a New Year

I've been pretty atrocious at updating the mallows this past year. Plenty of reasons for it, and a couple excuses for good measure. Truth is, I haven't really been sure what I want this site to do. Well, how about this? Strip it all down to the very core and have fun with it. This site is for posting the goofy, senseless, why did I just Laugh at That Incredibly Stupid Comic, Marshamallow Surprise! It's now also for recording those crazy, stupid stories I encounter during day to day life. I have plenty of them. I enjoy telling them, and it must show through, because I've been told on several occasions, by people who don't know each other, that I have some damn good stories.

Either this is true and I can make the mundane seem insane, or they're good liars, somehow all know each other, and are in cahoots to make me feel good. Probably so I don't get angry and threaten to destroy everything in sight. If the latter is the case, I thank each and every one of them, because it works, and I don't want to know the truth!

Eventually, I'd like to sell mallow merch on this site also. Or somehow integrate the option from outside. Not sure how I'll do it yet, or even if it's worth doing, but for now I may start a category for mallow merch. We'll see.

Until then, let's see what I can cook up, eh?