The Mouse: Part I

Disclaimer: cute, fuzzy little mammals are harmed in the making of this (mostly) true story. Mice can be quite destructive to human homes, in the course of their living in said homes. I have nothing personal against most of my fellow creatures, but this is a home invasion. This is war.


Occasionally when the weather turns cold, we get uninvited guests. The fuzzy, squeaky variety. One would think with cats this wouldn't be an issue. This is the saga of our third attempt to train four cats in the art of hunting.

B mentioned he saw a mouse in his basement room. Eating out of the dog's bowl. Taking it's time, in broad daylight.  The dog did nothing to prevent this theft of her food. Megatron was curious, but so far, ineffective.

I requested B pick up some traps, which he did. He opted for the traditional snap trap, which, if snapped at the right moment, causes a clean, quick death. Better than glue traps, more effective than "mouse hotels". I suggested humane traps, but we didn't know where best to release the invader.

Once set and placed where the cats couldn't reach it, the trap caught the mouse in less than a day. This was clearly a mouse naive in survival of the fittest.

B placed the trapped mouse in a bucket for the purpose of giving it to the cats later in the day. Then, off to work he went.