Friends: Shawn Weaver, Author

Disclaimer: Shawn is a friend of mine, but has not requested this entry. Nor am I receiving compensation for it. I just really think you should give his writing the chance it deserves!

Shawn Weaver. Friend, former co-worker, husband, father. Author. I've known Shawn since my Motorola days, oh, around 2001 (Geez, has it really been a decade?!). He, his wonderful wife, and youngest daughter live together in southern Wisconsin. His eldest daughter is also in Wisconsin, raising a great family of her own. As the years have progressed, Shawn has increasingly turned his passion for reading into a passion for writing. And I'll be damned if he can't tell a good yarn.

Sense of Honor, by Shawn WeaverShawn has now written three fantasy novels and co-written one historical horror. His fantasy series starts with A Sense of Honor. The story centers around two warriors - a young, untried student who wishes to become a great warrior as his father was, and the elder war-weary soldier who trains him. Naturally, there are bigger events afoot that will determine the fate of the world. This is a fantastic novel - once I began reading, I couldn't put it down until I was finished.

I read the reviews others have left on Amazon and goodreads.com, and the only real negative I've seen so far is the lack of a professional editor. Regardless, the writing style won't leave you dissapointed. It's almost as if the author were telling the story aloud rather than having written it.

Dragon's Chest, by Shawn WeaverShawn's second novel, the sequel to Sense of Honor, is Dragon's Chest. This part of the story focuses on a young halfling and the quest his wizard master has set him on. I haven't finished this one yet, but the style and quality is consistent from the first novel.

The third novel in the series won't be available until July. It's titled The Dark Caravan, and that's all I'm going to say for now.

Ripper's Row, by Shawn Weaver and Donnie LightMoving on, Ripper's Row is the novel Shawn co-wrote with Donnie Light. It's a historical horror focusing on a twist to Jack the Ripper. I have not yet read it, but the reviews are pretty good so far.

Shawn's works are available at Amazon (here), in both ebook and physical formats. Dragon's Chest is also available at Smashwords.com (here). Go check it out, you just might like it!