The Mouse: Part V

There was no sense in carrying a failed experiment over another day. We realized it would be terribly cruel to force another day of painful imprisonment on a creature who's only real crime was invading our home, finding a warm place to spend the harsh winter.

Suffice it to say, we gave our honorable adversary a quick, clean end, and a prayer to speed him on his way.

I admit to being full of conflicting emotions throughout this experience. I felt badly for the mouse who was untrained in survival and the ways of predators. Who didn't get a quick, clean death from the trap. I was mildly dissapointed in my beloved predators, who, through no fault of their own don't know how to hunt. I was terribly amused at the interplay of predator and prey, both sides of the game not understanding how to play. I was intrigued by workings of nature, in which the predator must be taught how to hunt, else fail miserably.

Despite it all, I still love our cats, all four of them. Maybe, someday, they'll figure out what to do with a caught mouse. Until that day, we'll have to rely on other means to keep our house free of the mouse menace.