Who You Know

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You know what? I realized something the other day. I know all kinds of cool, awesome people.

I know car guys, health nuts, marathoners, artists, authors, web developers, graphic designers. I also know an archaeologist, a geneticist, librarians, and a garbage truck driver (“refuse engineer”?). I know students, CEOs, game developers, teachers, and musicians. I know retail managers and “sandwich engineers”. I know mechanical engineers and truck drivers.  I know sales and marketing experts, an SEO expert, an industrial manager (I have no idea what he does) and a horse breeder. Business owners and employees — sometimes both at once.

I know millionaires, hundred-thousandaires, and thousandaires. Mostly, I don’t know who is which (nor do I need to). I’ve known bohemians – they fascinate me. Probably because I could’ve been one of them, easily. (Based strictly on the ones I’ve known, however, I’m glad I‘m not one of them.)
Some are single, others are couples. Many are parents, others are not. Some are retired, some are young, others in between.

What do all these people have in common (besides me)? They’re all awesome people. Honest, hard-working, intelligent, lovable, passionate and driven.

Who are the cool people in your life, and what do they do?