Anime: Sekirei

Have you seen Sekirei? I was recently introduced to it. Wow. Fan Service galore! I didn't get that far into the series, nor will I, methinks.

If you're into panty shots, XXL boobage, and hot chics fighting each others' clothes off (literally), you'll like it. The story seems OK, but formulaic. Girl crashes headfirst into boy, girl kisses boy, girl becomes boy's sekirei (um... similar to a knightly champion?). Boy then collects several other similar girls, who fall all over each other for him. The sekirei are intended to fight each other in a mysterious game overlorded by the MBI corporation. It's crazy, I'll give it that.

Overall? I would have liked this better in my younger days. Not bad, I suppose, but not great. Good for a cheap thrill.