The question for every blogger/artist eventually: how much of my "real" life should be allowed to seep into my site? It can be a tough balance to keep separate different facets of your life, especially since one facet affects others.

The simple fact is, that as an artist, I get the luxury of talking about pretty much anything. Everything in life is relevant to art, and vice versa. My relationships, household, friends, family, pets, job. OK, the pets are a no-brainer. They're downright entertaining. But the rest involve other people. What's appropriate to post, and how much? Names can be changed, and it's always possible to put a bright spin on things that irritate you.

balancing can be tough
lizard photo from AKPhotos on sxc.hu

Jobs, though. That's the tough one. Post the wrong detail and suddenly you've inadvertently exposed non-public information to the public. Oops. Want a shot at another job after this one (or how about keeping this one)? Better to not talk about work at all. Another possibility is losing your (partial) anonymity by some connection with your job. Especially if said job is with a website. And you make public appearances on said site as part of your daily duties.

This last point is something I've been struggling with since my temporary job in June 2009 became a permanent position in 2010. I've been happy to mention that I'm a graphic arts consultant, specializing in prepress production. With the job acquisition in 2009, I suddenly had an additional position, a position which was public. So far, I haven't talked about it anywhere I have an online presence (except Facebook, where only my friends can see me).

Recently, Illinois passed a tax law that has caused my job to leave the state. To talk about this, or even mention it, I've decided to loosen up a bit.

So, for the next post to make sense, I'll clarify my jobs. One of my part-time jobs is as a graphic arts consultant, the other is Fatwallet. If you frequent the site, you've seen me there. If you don't, well, go check it out. It'll help you save money when you shop online :)