Gaming, but not a Gamer

I've long held a fascination with tabletop gaming. My uncle always had a plethora of gaming paraphernalia around the house, and I often dug into his Monstrous Manual for information on drawings or stories I was working at any given time. I later played a couple D&D campaigns in high school, but the DM wasn't exactly a good fit for leading a game, so that didn't last long.

Much more recently, I've been playing a game of Cthulhu with some friends. It's an excellent excuse to get me the hell out of the house and socialize. Plus, it's fun, so I keep going back!

Overall, I really enjoy our Cthulhu game nights. I don't consider myself a gamer at all; it's a fun social thing to do, but I don't get obsessed or hardcore. Oddly, perhaps, I'm also not an anime geek, comic geek, or even (gasp!) a design geek. Sure, I love all these things to varying degrees, but I think what I like best about them - besides enjoying them on their own merits - is the social aspects, discussions and such that can pop up around them.

That said, maybe I am a Terry Pratchett geek, though. I need to re-read them, but I believe I have read every DiscWorld book to date. I owned all of them at one point or another, too. Obssessed? Maybe a little.

OHAY! You should check out our GM's game night Twitter feed: @SadCthulhu It's pretty epic.