It's the Little Things

I mentioned before that Fatwallet moved to Beloit. We're easy to find, right downtown, literally over the Rock River.

The FW cows in their new home in BeloitWe made the move in three weeks. In the three weeks since the move, we've been working hard to make it feel like home. A tall order, considering we were spoiled with our previous building!

We no longer have self-flushing/low-flow toilets, automatic sinks, or the super-highly efficient everything. We no longer have amazing windows everywhere with the gorgeous view of the trees across the road or the golf course right outside. We do have a cool view of the river and walking paths (this is a new endless source of entertainment!).

For the first three weeks, the new place didn't feel like home. We tiptoed and spoke little and quietly in our new space upstairs (it echoes and the hardwood floor is a bit harsh).

All our stuff was there, our work stations set up, our offices getting put together, our kitchen and lunch areas coming together.. but something was missing. We all knew it. We all felt it. I don't think anyone voiced it (I certainly didn't). It was obvious we were unsettled, maybe a little depressed, but trying to make the best of it.

Well, something magickal happened this last week. Our spirits rose, general congeniality increased tenfold. We still try not to be terribly loud in the open space upstairs, but we're more light-hearted about it.

What prompted this sudden change? Artwork. The giant Snoopy, the Heck paintings, framed and canvased photos, our yellow stingray... many pieces have finally found a wall to call home! As soon as the paintings went up, everything changed. We're more at ease now, we're finally feeling at home in the new space.

It really is the little things that matter. Oh yeah, and don't discount the importance of art and design in your life ;)