I'm not generally a big fan of squirrels. I don't mind them, but that's often because I don't have any bird feeders or special plants I don't want dug up.

There was one winter I made the mistake of hanging a suet feeder right outside my bedroom window. One morning, snow piled high, I awoke to a squirrel on my window screen. The little bugger had jumped and climbed up high enough to reach the feeder. And then he stared at me, flicking his tail, challenging me to do something about it.

I didn't argue. If that squirrel had the chutzpah to climb a window in the middle of winter for food, I figured he needed it more than the birds. On the other hand, I didn't refill the feeder the rest of the winter. No sense encouraging rude behavior.

This year, I noticed a special guest in our yard. In addition to regular-colored squirrels, it seems there's one that's a bit of a blonde-tail.

Last month when I first noticed him, he was considerably more blonde than he is now. Now, it's just his tail, but the rest of him is lighter than other resident squirrels. He's one case where color certainly doesn't do the wearer much good. I notice him a lot, unlike the other squirrels. He's fun to watch, but he doesn't blend into his surroundings like a squirrel ought to. I wonder if his color will continue to develop.

I can't deny I'm a tad curious about whether the hawks will get him. I like the hawks, but I rather hope they don't.