Unexpected Treasure

Oh my god, I was so excited when I saw this yesterday! Do you know what this is?
It's an old school font case! From an era before computers and direct-to-plate technologies, comes this beautiful case that was used to house an entire font.

Perhaps ironically, a couple friends and I were only hours before discussing how interesting it is that the entire printing industry changed drastically in only about 15 years. Next thing I know, Micky and I are at a garage sale, when lo and behold, I spied not one, but two cases. I took home only one (and what a difficult time that was), but I'm so ecstatic over this treasure like I haven't been ecstatic in a long time.

This particular case used to hold the collection for 12 pt. Caslon Old Style, Italic. And to think, I've spent most of my adult life avoiding garage sales. What was I thinking? (Oh yeah... got burned out on them as a kid. My mom and grandmothers loved going to garage sales every weekend!)

Yes, I'm a total graphics geek. It's now official.