Storms: Part II

I don't remember the year, but it was within the last six. Maybe 2006. I was at work, so this is all second-hand to me. My then-future husband (Kaneda), who had moved in with me to (a) help me with the mortgage and such and (b) have a place to live, was in the driveway working on his car.

It was a cloudy day, and a storm was rolling in. Kaneda was bent over next to the car, picking something up. Suddenly, all he saw was a bright flash of light and the loudest Crack-Boom you'd never want to hear. As he stood up, Our neighbor across the street came running over, asking if he was okay.

He couldn't hear anything beyond that buzzing sound after you've sustained significant hearing damage. Kaneda did notice our neighbor running over, but couldn't hear him. Somehow, he made it known he was fine aside from being suddenly deaf (His hearing has long since returned).

So, WTF happened? Lightning struck our flagpole and jumped to the car before grounding out. It's damn lucky Kaneda wasn't touching the car when it hit! His amp shorted out, but otherwise the car was fine, too.

Lesson: don't stand near the flagpole in a storm, even the edge of one.