Shedd Aquariuuuhhh… Chicago!: Part II

A Decision had to be made, and quickly. That line wasn't getting any shorter.

Thankfully, we're all three pretty laid back about plans going awry. We looked around, talked about the fact that we are in downtown Chicago and that there's more to see than just the aquarium, and standing around for three hours in line really wasn't our idea of fun. Even if it was free (aside from parking).

So, we walked over to the lakefront, looked around, and started walking. Zak suggested we go to Navy Pier, and it seemed a good idea, so we headed that general direction.

I briefly thought about how far away it looked, and decided to change my attitude right quick else I'd be miserable the whole trip. Well then, we're off! Plenty of water? Check. Pack mule? Check (He really did bring a backpack to carry my stuff, regardless of what he says!) Hat? *sigh* no. Sunglasses? Check! Shorts? Damn, I wore pants, thinking we'd be inside all day.

We walked as far as we could along the docks, and when we got to the river, we followed it to Michigan Avenue. I was pleased I finally got to see some bits of downtown I've never seen — like the nifty outdoor cafe with the olde tyme-y music blaring through the loudspeakers.

And the little foot massage building which was locked. We surmised that meant even foot massages get happy endings.

We eventually made our way past the WGN building and NBC and some water fountains. We saw the signs for Navy Pier, and decided to keep following them. Interestingly, none of us really knew anything about Navy Pier. I've never been, we're not sure if Zak has ever been, and Jaqi has only been there a couple times during the winter. Not knowing what to expect, we wondered amongst ourselves if it was silly to wonder whether Navy Pier has an admission fee (it's Chicago, we wouldn't have been surprised).

We finally got to Navy Pier, entirely on foot, and we sat down to rest a spell.

After a few minutes, we got up again and started to wander toward the ferris wheel. I'm not a fan heights, particularly when there's not much between me and the bottom. Zak wanted to ride, I said I'd go up with him, despite the anxiety, but Jaqi didn't really want to go up. Thankfully (for me), Zak decided to forgo the ferris wheel.

to be continued...