Shedd Aquariuuuhhh… Chicago!: Part III

After the ferris wheel, we wandered over to the building housing the Imax theater. Visitors coming in from  upstairs are greeted by an amazing water display and tropical garden. I was impressed.

We walked into the main part of the building to a pirate show. It was kinda neat to watch the actors on their tiny stage from above. It takes a certain type of person to do that job and not be embarrassed (or even enjoy it!). That's not me.

We moved off and explored the rest of the building, and I forgot to stop in at the gift shops. I needed a hair tie or clip, because I couldn't find any of mine before we left the house. I was hot and sweaty, but the air conditioning made me forget. Obviously, I survived, so I wasn't that bad off.

We went back outside, and watched some douche on a segway zip around the streets, ignoring stop signs. We wondered how long until he got hit. (We later discovered a segway rental place. Interesting.) I'm still wondering whether or not he did.

Jaqi mentioned she was hungry, which prompted me to think about food, too. She wanted a Chicago hot dog, and the only place we'd seen them was on the museum campus. Back to the museum!

We were all tired, and Zak wanted a boat ride, so we took the water taxi back to the museum. Turns out our captain looked a lot like Usher, according to Jaqi. I had no idea what Usher looks like, but after a google search, yeah, he kinda does. I think it was the goatee.

One fifteen-minute boat ride later, and we were back at the museum campus! Jaqi got her hot dog, proclaimed it tastes like the ones from Tom & Jerry's, and we went back to the car.

They gave me hell for not printing directions home, but, as I rebutted, we didn't need them. Getting to the destination is always more difficult than getting home, and our Chicago trip was no different. The only issue we had was the driver (not me) almost taking the wrong fork on the interstate. We did take the correct fork, and eventually got to where we needed to be and made our way home.

It was an exhausting day, but a good one. We never did get to go into the aquarium. The line was still three hours long when we got back to the museum campus at 2:30! We didn't really accomplish anything except getting to Navy Pier and taking a boat ride. But we had great company, a lot of exercise, and just the right mix of sun and cloud!

I really want to go again, and soon.