Artist of Note: cubecrazy2

Friendship Bracelets by Jake Rueth

Cute, colorful, drooly, and sometimes outright disturbing. This is an artist after my own colored pencil! Jake Rueth (pronounced “wreath”) is the creator of Cube Crazy 2, an amazing collection of artwork.

A co-worker introduced me to Jake’s site, and I have to say I’m hooked. I don’t want to spoil it (too much), so go to his site and check it out. I will say this… if you think colorful cute oddball critters that puke rainbows, drool everywhere, clouds that pee rain on the critters under them might be awesome — you’d be right.

And be sure to check out his posts regarding his screen-printed shirts. Holy cow, I’d hate to be his screen printer, but they did an amazing job—especially since the designs are so colorfully complex! If you’re really lucky and you contact him, you might even be able to get one. His site says he didn’t print up too terribly many, though, so Your Mileage May Vary.

Jake also attends a bunch of conventions, so you might even get to meet him in person and pick up some cool artwork or shirts from him personally.

Won’t know til you try, right? I encourage you stop by and say to him. I know I’m going to at Geek.Kon!