Geek.Kon, Year One

Geek.Kon 2011 is barely a week away! To say I'm excited is an understatement. This is year number four for this growing Madison convention. I haven't had the pleasure of attending since their first year. But, oh, what a year it was!

The year was 2007. My best friend from Indiana was experiencing Illinois life for the second time ever (plenty of stories there, too). My other friend's daughter was just turning 12. I heard about a new convention, an event that was going to try to encompass everything geeky under one roof: anime, gaming (video and RPG), sci-fi and fantasy movies, comics, you name it, was was free game.

Even better, this new convention was to be held in Madison — on UW campus! I had to go. Indy-chan was in, and Carmax wanted to go, too. This was to be a family-friendly convention, palace where even geeky parents could share their love of geekness with their kids. Mama Carmax decided it would be OK for me and Indy-chan to take young Carmax to her first ever convention.

And that's where things went… weird.

We got to Madison without issue, got parked, and we were ready to party!  We went down State Street to get to the convention site. And the closer we got to campus, the closer we got to…. a pot rally.

I should have expected it, I suppose. It is Madison, after all. We ended up walking right through the rally (which was mostly a bunch of laid-back folks getting high), and I thought right away "her mom isn't going to let me take her anywhere ever again." And I wouldn't blame her!

Anyway, we got in without a hitch, and started wandering about. At one point, Indy-chan saw a gent she fancied cute, so (naturally), I stopped him mid-stride to talk and make introductions. I succeeded in embarrassing everyone involved (win!). We felt kinda bad, because he probably thought we were stalking him the rest of the day — we weren't, it was just a really small convention!

We ended up meeting some other fun convention-goers and the three of us went to dinner at a nearby local restaurant. There was also the costly masquerade, the wildly botched attempt at dancing the Hare Hare Yukai (there is YouTube proof of this atrocity, and yes, we were there), the panels, the costumes, and so much more.

Overall, it was a fantastic first convention for Geek.Kon, and I'm really looking forward to seeing how much they're grown. All I know for certain is that they outgrew their campus womb a year or two back, so I'm certain they've been putting on a great event!

If you're going to the con, maybe you'll see me! Husband and I will be there all weekend (and be certain to look for Jake Rueth's booth—I know I will be, I need one of those amazing shirts! No, really, I do.)

Not to worry, comic will be updating as normal through our latest adventure!