Insert Crosswalk Here

It's well known Canada geese have no regard for motorists. The buggers think they own the town and will meander at their own pace, be it slow or quick. Usually slow. They tend to be mean and they're so big they can do some real damage to most cars. So we sit in our cars, move cautiously, and deal with it. (Well, most of us, do. Anyone in a large vehicle has a distinct advantage)

Thankfully, this enormous gaggle had sense. When I came upon them, they were standing in the middle of the road, deciding whether they should continue or wait for traffic. As I like my car, I stopped to wait for them, expecting it to take awhile. I was happily surprised when the entire flock padded across the street quickly, with a couple adults bringing up the rear.

And I was lucky enough to get this photo! That's a lotta goslings, right thar.