Our dog, Izz, ate her first ever Skittle recently. My husband dropped one on the floor, and after picking it up, decided to give it to the dog. She took it, gingerly, and walked to her eating spot in the living room. (Her food bowl is in the kitchen…)

Izz laid down, and started chewing on the candy. She spit it onto the floor, then back into her mouth it went. Chewed some more. Started drooling. A lot.

Now, Izz isn't a droolly dog, by any means. She's got the floppy face of short-muzzle dogs, but she's normally only droolly when she's eating or drinking. Yet here she was, chewing a piece of candy, a long string of drool descending to the floor!

She finally did finish eating the Skittle. I was nothing less than surprised. Not only that, she came back looking for more. I'm not sure what happened to that string of drool. It didn't touch me, so I'm not asking.

No, Izz did not get another piece of candy. I specifically remember telling my husband, "we shouldn't even be eating candy, and here you gave it to the dog?!" *cough* *cough*