ThunderCats, HOOOOOO!!

Anyone who knows me knows I’ll probably be that Crazy Old Cat Lady one day. It’s in my genes. I’m doomed. Anything regarding cats — cartoons, comics, drawings, paintings, books, actual cats — piques my interest. That said, I wasn’t the biggest fan of Thundercats growing up.

Of course I watched it, who didn’t? Part of it was thanks to my uncle, he liked it so what he watched, I watched. Big Brother syndrome, ya know. But I was only halfheartedly interested. Mostly, I didn’t care for the animation style.

Fast forward, if you will to the end of July 2011. Cartoon Network debuts the brand new, revamped, updated Thundercats. I saw the previews and awaited the debut with baited breath. It appeared that the new series would be anime. And it looked good.

Finally, the premiere arrived. Thankfully, the guys recorded it, because I was working during the time slot.

I am not disappointed. I was most nervous about Snarf. I remember Snarf being my least favorite character in the original series, just because he was annoying. The new Snarf? Adorable! More catlike, he doesn’t talk, though he does make cute noises. I call that a win for us girls.

OK, less fluff, more meat. The storyline has been revamped as well. No longer are the ThunderCats from a dying planet, escaping to a new one. Now it’s a tale of a thriving empire brought down by betrayal, where technology is a mysterious myth, and a young prince must come of age. Instead of mutants, we have distinctly different species of animals, who followed similar evolutionary tracks.

The story was, in my opinion, very well plotted and script vey well written. I can’t say anything bad about the animation or the voice actors, either. I’m not a fan of a few of the character designs, but hey, you can’t win ‘em all.

This new series was produced by Studio 4˚C and Warner Bros. Animation. I’m eager to watch the rest of the series, and am even considering picking up the Season One DVD when it comes out in October. For me, that’s a big win.

I do have two questions, though. First, why is Tigra such a jerk? My fixation with the tiger species meant he was my favorite from the original series. Still, it seems to work. Second, and more concerning... why are Wily Kit and Wily Cat the only ones with tails?! I like it, but... what, do they dock everyone's tail at a coming of age ceremony, or something?!