Webcomic of Note: Tiny Pink Robots

Thanks to Webcomic Beacon Podcast, I came across Tiny Pink Robots, written and drawn by Rori. It's a fun journal comic, updated daily. Honestly, I don't know how she finds so much content, but then again, maybe my life is a bit more boring! Anway, Rori and Tiny Pink Robots are fantastic, and well worth a look!

My particular favorite is from June, titled "Chirp!!!" Rori and I clearly disagree on the cicada issue — Zak and I look forward to the cicada symphony every year — but that doesn't make this strip any less funny!

from Tiny Pink Robots, by Rori!
Tiny Pink Robots, by Rori!
Overall, Rori's wit is pretty quick, and she has a lot of awww moments, too. There seems to be plenty of funny marital moments as well — nothing above PG, but a lot of those "that's why I married you!" moments. They're funny and sweet and silly all at once.

Thank you for sharing your work with the world, Rori. I know I'm not the only on who appreciates it!