Geek.Kon 2011 Highlights (part 1 of 5)

Geek.Kon 2011 has come and gone! We had a great time, though to be honest, we didn't really spend that much time actually at the convention.

So what went down? Here's the highlights from our trip! By no means is this account meant to be viewed as the typical convention experience… because, really, it's not. Oh, and throughout I may point out some vexing bits, but by no means am I intending to make anyone look bad. Chances are, it was just pretty funny.

Thursday afternoon we left for Madison. Got to the hotel just before 3:00, checked in, went up to the room, and relaxed a bit. Husband's blood sugar was getting low and we suddenly realized we forgot to bring snacks… so we ran over to the nearby grocery store and stocked up.

We spent the majority of Thursday in our room, which was a nice change of pace. For dinner, we decided on some of the many cups of ramen we brought with… and it finally dawned on us that we forgot to bring forks. Or a can opener for the mega-cans of Spaghettios. Crap.

Convention weekends are often similar to camping in very nice indoor campgrounds. With beds if you're smart and not totally broke. Husband used a stir stick to eat his noodles. I used my new toothbrush.

Yep. Really. My toothbrush. Husband said that was weird. I countered with the fact that the toothbrush is stronger than his little wood stir stick and works better. He tried eating off the toothbrush when I wandered into the bathroom, and declared "No!" It was too weird and wrong.

Um… at least I knew my toothbrush would be safe?