Geek.Kon 2011 Highlights (part 2 of 5)

Friday morning we wandered down to pick up our badges; we figured nothing was going to really get happening til about 3:00, so why don't we go to the zoo? I really wanted to go to the zoo. I also just wanted to get outside and out and about. It was a really nice day to be outside.

We wandered toward the general direction of Henry Vilas Zoo, and I generally cursed my phone's apparent inability to connect to GPS (I later learned that no, one must be stationary for this connection to occur. Derp.) While I cursed at my phone, we passed the exit from the 12/18 by a couple miles. Finally, husband asked where the exit was, and I cheerfully told him we'd passed it awhile ago! I got the Passenger is Navigator Lecture (again). I'm not sure when he's going to learn… when I drive, I don't expect him to navigate (then again, I'm so used to driving alone it doesn't matter)!

So anyway, we took the next exit, stopped to fill up the tank, turned around and actually took the correct exit. Beyond this I wasn't entirely sure where we were headed. Being in the general area, I figured we'd find it. And we had no time constraints, which was fantastic. A few minutes later, we were were parked and headed into the zoo.

We had a light lunch, wandered about for a couple hours, saw the new lion cub (which, by the way, is no longer as small as pictured on Vilas' website), watched a giraffe lick a camel (that was odd), and had a generally nice afternoon. Some might argue against having lunch at the zoo because of the expense. Consider this, though: the zoo is free. I'm not sure what their operating expenses are compared to what they get in concessions, but as far as I'm concerned, every little bit they can earn helps. Besides, it was pretty filling and didn't cost more than we usually spend eating out.

Eventually, we wandered back to the hotel to see what was going on, and to stop by the dealer's room. I hate to admit it, but I think the dealer's room is my favorite part of any convention. This from the woman who hates shopping.