Geek.Kon 2011 Highlights (part 3 of 5)

Once in the dealer's room, the first thing I wanted to accomplish was purchasing two shirts from Jake Rueth — you know, that cool guy from cubecrazy2! (and this post) Indeed, I got to meet him in person, the three of us yakked for a bit, and I got my shirts! I can't say which design I like more, but I love the fit of the ladies' rainbow drool shirt :D

We wandered about the rest of the dealer's room, then went to check out the art auction.  Wandered about some more and eventually wandered back to the room for dinner.

Still no forks or can opener. Used the toothbrush again, albeit reluctantly since I'd washed it and used it to actually brush my teeth that morning.


A side adventure ensued in our absence. Roomie texted us while we were headed to the zoo. "Where's Izzy's extra doggie diaper?" (Our dog was in heat when we left)

Uh oh. I replied with the location, and added, "forget to take off her diaper before letting her out?"

The response was worrisome. 'No, she didn't ask to go out — or I didn't hear — before I left. She peed in front of the couch and her diaper got soaked.'


This didn't bode well for the weekend. Not even 24 hours before an accident (luckily, this was the only accident all weekend). It was confirmed when we got home that Uncle didn't take her out because it was too early, and Roomie didn't take her out because Izzy probably didn't ask (he doesn't normally take her out, so she wouldn't know to ask). Which, of course, led to pee soaked doggie diaper and a lake in the living room.

Poor dog.

Worse yet, she laid on the couch in her pee soaked diaper. Guess what we got to come home to?