Geek.Kon 2011 Highlights (part 5 of 5)

Sunday, the last day of the convention. The day to go home.

I wanted to pick up a couple books from Fes, and possibly catch him at his table. So, I grabbed the husband and we wandered down to the dealer's room. A tad too early, as it turned out, they weren't open yet! To pass the time, we took our bags out to the car and checked out of the hotel. (By the way, Marriott West had to be the best hotel stay we've ever had. We put the "please don't disturb" sign on the door, and we actually were never disturbed! Most of our hotel experiences include overzealous cleaning staff knocking on the door early in the morning to come clean, despite the sign. I'm happy to note this did not happen all weekend!)

After we got all squared away, we went back to the dealer's room and headed right to Fes and Ryan's table. Yay! They were both there! I finally got to meet Fes, and while we talked, husband talked with Ryan. Suddenly, I thought I heard something out of the corner of my ear.

I stopped mid-sentence, and turned my head to look at husband. Sure enough, he had barraged Ryan with a conversation about ammunition and exploding things. My eyes widened as I realized he was heading toward car talk. Oh gods. How did this happen? If I don't stop him now, we'll be here the rest of the day! We'll officially be… barnacles!

I quickly swooped in, and started ushering husband toward the door, hastily thanking Ryan and Fes!

Fun side note:

I (much) later asked husband if he realized Ryan is a Buddhist. "Yeah," he replied.

I looked at him funny. "so…. whyyyyyy….?"

"I don't know. I just do that." True enough, my love! True enough!

Granted, it could have been much, much worse. It could have been Creepy Mickey.

Overall, the convention weekend was very relaxing and a lot of fun — even if we didn't spend most of our time at the con. We're both starting to wonder if we really should go to more conventions, or if we're getting too old. I think the real issue is that we went alone this time around.