More Paintings!

The little blue guy is sold, but the panda and goldfish are still available! Check out the Marshmallow Panda and the Marshmallow Goldfish in our shop!

Goldfish's story:

A friend of mine loves animals, but isn't very... nurturing. She once won a goldfish at the fair. Contrary to the norm of notoriously dying within a few days, this fish lived for months. Eventually, my friend got tired of taking care of the fish. She confessed to some other friends that she kinda wished it would kick the bucket or that someone would take it off her hands. I'm not sure how that played out, I think another friend took it. She hasn't kept a fish since, so at least she learned something about herself from the experience!

Panda's story:

Um... he doesn't really have one. I was doodling, coming up with different marshmallow species, just to see what they might look like. Panda looked adorable, so I had to paint him!