I think I've figured out the purpose of Marshamallow Surprise: Spread the seeds of Joy and Love in a genuine manner.

Every little smile is a seed of happiness ready to sprout. A laugh or smile alone is not happiness or joy — but it is the beginning of such positive emotion. And positive emotions buoy us when we are facing difficult times — whatever the source of difficulty may be.

So, if I can give even one person a smile or a laugh with my work, I will have accomplished my mission for that day. The more smiles and laughter my work generates, the more successful I am in my mission.

The seeds of love are spread by being who we are and being honest in our dealings. I can't help but be who I am, it's the only way I know how to be. Thankfully, this corresponds to the second part of my mission!

To accomplish this crazy mission, I create and share silly webcomics, paintings and other artworks (or crafts) I make online.

To support the mission (and make more work possible), I sell artwork and marshmallow themed merchandise, and may show ads on the marshmallow site at times.

I think that's it in a nutshell. Maybe I am a crazy-ass hippie after all. Ah well, there are worse things to be!