Autumn Goals

Well, I've inquired about Artist Alley space at three conventions for this fall. No idea when I'll hear back (probably not until June), so fingers crossed that I make it into one of them :) Really, I can't handle more than one or two this year, so I'm half-hoping I get to to pick out of three, though I doubt that'll happen!

In the meantime, I'm going to keep busy by producing more work! The bunny plushie project went well — provided I want to hand-sew all bunny plushies. Doing so is about a 4-hour per plushie process. I got a sewing machine, but I barely know how to use it properly, so.... yeah. That's another step to the process, I guess. Figuring out how to use the sewing machine properly for such a project. I think the regular marshmallow plushies will be easier, but I haven't really had much time to dig into them yet. We shall see.

I'm setting a target date of May 30 to finish up a few more paintings and get moving on plushies.