The Real Argument for Air Conditioning in Cars

OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!! I can't tell you how glad I am the day is done. The topper on today's cake:

I drove today. That means there's a story....

No AC, so the windows are down on the interstate. for some reason, it's a bugfest out there, the windshield is getting hammered by a variety of insects.


Something smacks my side mirror. Part of it flies into the back seat, causing Applesnacks to flip out, while the other part flies into MY EAR! Causing me to flip out. Reminder: I'm driving.

Gates contains the Applesnacks outbreak by calmly declaring the "bee" is a actually butterfly, and she tosses it out the window. Meanwhile, I'm still squealing, and manage to grab a kleenex and try to fish out **shudder** the thing in my ear without mushing it in deeper. Part of a butterfly butt is retrieved along with plenty of bug juice. I know because I glanced at the tissue before squealing again and letting it get blown out the window. **ggnnnnaaaaahhhh!!!** Still driving.

The ladies start looking for things to help me, and Gates asks if I want to pull over. My teary reply? "No, I just wanna go home!" I'm alternating between "ewewew" and insane laughter. They are resourceful: they come up with a variety of options, including a tampon, paper napkins, and a screwdriver (?!). I decide to wait til I get home, because I can't see what I'm doing anyway, I really don't want to pull over, and it's not going to kill/incapacitate me. The screwdriver, however, might. (that is met with a resounding, unanimous "No!" form the front to the suggestion from the back seat!)

Bonus: The rest of the ride home is filled with  laughter, tears, and much comraderie.

So the good news? Husband didn't find anything left and I hadn't mushed it further into my ear.

The bad news? a butterfly committed suicide today.

That was one of the most amazing (and bizarre) commutes home EVER!

Can hardly wait til the new car is drivable. Things like this is also a good reason to have AC.