Busy busy!

Busy day at the studio today — and productive! Getting the hanging hardware on a number of paintings (finally), working on the bottle cap project (many thanks to friends who have contributed!), organizing a bit for con prep, making labels for boxes, and more. Wow.

To top it off, it's beautiful outside! I've got to figure out how to get myself outside more, even if it's just sitting in the shade doing whatever I would normally be doing sitting inside. I did stop by RVC this afternoon to marvel at how much the landscaping has changed since I graduated from there nearly 10 years ago (good God, it's been that long already?!)

Having a good day, overall, hope you are too!

Oh, a side note. If you find yourself falling asleep late one night working on something you need to print with a template, like for instance labels or stickers... Don't Print until morning. I can't stress this enough. I wasted a sheet of labels because I forgot to print a test on plain paper first. Right before I fell asleep on the couch.