Creative Struggles and Updates

Not gonna lie. I struggle daily in regards to whether this whole "art thing" is worthwhile, on several levels. I often wonder how many other artists and creatives have this struggle.

I haven't been keeping up with the site very well (mostly due to frustration of the site being slow), but I am pretty active on Facebook and (slightly less on) DeviantArt.

Y'all have no idea how much your comments and "likes" on Facebook help motivate me when I share new projects. And how much I appreciate you for it!

By the way... when you do see me share something new on the Marshamallow Facebook page, and you do like it (actually, not in FB terms), please hit the "share" button! That helps motivate me even more, because I know you think it's worth sharing with people I don't even know, which means it's really worth me doing :)

In other news:

  • I've nearly finished the three small paintings I started last week and I'll be starting a fourth today.
  • I need to pick up the covers for the coloring books today. And the prints I ordered yesterday, I'll need to trim those out myself. I'm only doing 5x7 prints, because the images I chose end up looking kawaii ikune (uncute, yes, Ranma 1/2 reference for you oldschoolers) at larger sizes.

  • To do: finish up my Con Tool Kit and revisit my display. Probably need to make a couple tweaks.

  • To do: create pricing signage. Sooner rather than later would probably be good :)

  • I've got a special project or two on the way as well. Hush-hush for now, but I'll reveal when the time is right ;)