After the Con: Geek.Kon 2012

Our first convention behind the table went well, thank you everyone who was at Geek.Kon this year! We had a great time, and really enjoyed meeting everyone who stopped by. Applesnax even had her first-ever convention experience (and realized how much of a geek she really is in the process)! I did not take nearly enough photos.

My Saturday minion and I didn't recognize enough of the characters we saw, so I guess it's official: we're getting old. We did get very excited over the Ghostbusters and Beetleguise, so I guess that's strike two in the Old category. (Ok, I got pretty excited about Derpy Hooves and the Wonderbolt, and I was in awe of the lighted Snow Leopard...)

Husband spent more time at the table than I expected. He said he was going to spend all of Saturday in the room playing video games (except to bring us lunch and a break), but he ended up spending most of it either conversing with other con-goers, our neighbors, or keeping us company at the table.

I'm really looking forward to Daisho Con in a couple months. I feel like I've gotten most of the nervousness out and over with, so I should be a bit more relaxed next go-around. We were definitely well prepared and the display turned out beautifully. It'll be tweaked a bit for Daisho, but not too much.

I may attend Anime Apocolypse in December, but it will be as an attendee, if I do go. Lots of family stuff that time year, so I'm not sure yet. However, I am looking forward to Artist Alley at Kitsune Kon in the spring and Geek.Kon 2013!