2012 Retrospect and 2013 Prospect

2012 Retrospect: 
2012 was a good year, professionally, personally, and creatively. Marshamallow Surprise debuted locally at Spring Art Scene, then made it's convention debut at Geek.Kon in Madison (followed by Daisho Con in Wisconsin Dells). 
We switched websites in the latter half of the year, and while it's still not an ideal setup, I like the current options better than the former (partly for speed. The former site was soooo slow). Really, I need to hire a web consultant, but that's not in the budget for 2013.
Last year, we started experimenting with different media — especially acrylic paintings. I know those aren't exactly popular at conventions, but I'm starting to consider galleries and art fairs for that particular type of original art.

 2013 Prospect:
2013 will see us at conventions again — I'm currently planning on Kitsune Kon, No Brand Con, and Daisho Con. I may have time for one more convention, but four will be my limit for awhile. I'll revisit this later in the year for 2014.

2013 will also see the implementation of The Marshamallow Chef, in cosplay and in the comics. Still working on the details.
I've been working on new comics lately, and some projects to bring extra smiles to the folks around me. So, expect to see some new work here on the site in the coming weeks and months.

I'm also working on new merch for 2013 conventions. Nothing huge, and some of it could probably be done better by someone else, but it's a start and I'm pretty excited about it!
I guess that covers the excitement for now. I still need to go through 2012 receipts and finish planning for 2013. I have every expectation that this year will be a good year, though! Here's to a fluffy, sweet new year, and plenty of insulin to go around ;)