I think this year is basically Eff'd for convention appearances of Marshamallow Surprise! We missed Kistune Kon due to illness, and we're currently on the wait list for Daisho con. While I certainly hope we can ultimately get in to Daisho Con's Artist Alley because we had a great time last year, we will still be attending the convention, and I know we will have fun! Of course, now I'm considering switching our hotel from a nearby one to the one it's actually at. Hmmm... decisions, decisions.

Looking on the brighter side, we will still be working hard on creating more and new art throughout the year. Also, without worrying over convention readiness, we'll be able to explore additional venues for the marshamallows. So, all is not lost.

**Rolls up sleeves** Welp, gotta get back to work! Crap, there's a lot to do.