"After the Campfire Collection" Summary

This is my synopsis regarding the in-development series of adult-themed Marshamallow art works. The name is changing form "After Dark" to "After the Campfire". And I'm thinking it won't be subscription-based, I'll offer them on the site individually as they are finished and/or in a multi-pack. 

Now, see, if you read below, I've put some actual thought into this series ;)

We want to protect our kids from things that might harm them, both physically and psychologically. Americans often go overboard, though. Other cultures don't bat an eye at nakedness, and often not even at eroticism in art and entertainment. We, on the other hand, are much more comfortable watching entertainment with violence and make every attempt to scrub erotic art and entrainment from existence. Yet, we fail. We secretly, to our misplaced shame, yearn for erotic works. Because we think these works will harm our children, we keep these works from their eyes. If we indulge in these works at all, it's late at night when children sleep or are away visiting grandparents. It's that very belief that eroticism harms children that creates adults who are ashamed of their own erotic tendencies.

Conversely, Americans still tend to consider cartoons and comics as "for children". It's not unusual for adults who enjoy these media to be looked down upon, chastised, and sometimes even ostracized. (It wasn't always this way — cartoons and comics were originally created for adults with adult themes.) This is changing as nerd culture becomes more mainstream, but it's slow progress. In the meantime, art that combined eroticism and cartoon motifs — egads! The scandal!

In these pieces, I make fun of our over-reactions and our biases. Cartoons are not just for kids — nor should they be. Cartoons are a fun style to work with and enjoyable to view for people of all ages. And sometimes simpler drawings can drive a point home faster and sharper than any speech. Erotic art isn't necessarily bad for kids — but if we do expose our kids to erotic works, it should be done with thought, not recklessly or with abandon. Their formative years will affect them far longer and more deeply than we realize. And like it or not, someday, those innocent children will grow into sexual adults.