Getting excited again! Working on our first long-form comic, though I don't know when it will begin posting. Also have begun planning merch for next year and deciding which conventions we'll apply to for 2014.

So much to do! I'm getting some 4"x6" prints made up to see how they work. The marshamallows don't really lend themselves to large formats for the most part, so I hope it works out.

And these are protoypes for marshamallow ornaments... and/or cat toys. I wasn't too sure about them at first, but after I got the faces on, I was all.... "Ohhhh, they ARE kinda cute!" ^_^

Couple with the bottlecap magnets, and some other fun surprises in the works I'm starting to think this year, we might be inVINCEibleeeeeee! (well, maybe not, but it's fun to think so!)