Derpy Marshmallow Plush

So.... yeah. I made our pup a plushie, since I was making catnip toys and it didn't seem fair to give the cats a toy (which Izzy consequently "stole") and not give her a toy of her own. As you can see, she loves it! She kept pushing it in my face to show me. It even took her at least a half hour before she started tearing into it — literally. It's been almost a week now, and it still has most of its stuffing, which for her is really good. Normally, she likes to tear a hole in her plushies and rip out all the stuffing right away.

This... this isn't the plushie we gave her. This is another, same design, but I got the face way too low! I call this one Derp.

I'm still working out the face embroidery on the puppy plushies, and I'd like to get squeakers for them. With the holidays coming up, budget is getting a bit tight, so after I run out of material, I may cut back until January or so. Or I may not, it depends partly on the regular budget, but also on mallow shop sales.

Which, by the way, the Storenvy mallow shop is open until November 30! If you haven't stopped by yet, be sure to check it out! It's the only source for Marshamallow Surprise items this year :) (Puppy plushies are not yet available as of posting. the design and embroidery really need to be tweaked....)