Post-Acen and Sketches

I just realized I forgot to post (here) the Acen wrap-up. I posted to DeviantArt and forgot the blog entirely. There's pictures and stuff, which I don't feel like uploading and formatting here and whatnot right now (it's getting late), but have a link to the dA post: Twitchy Kitty Studio: Post-Con Wrap Up: Acen 2014

The coolest thing, which I will mention: I placed second in the competition! It's been a couple weeks and I'm still stoked about that!

Moving on...

I'm still about, and I'm behind in the June Marshamallow Surprises Subscription installment. Mostly because of Acen, but now that's over and I'm better rested I have no excuse. So I gotta get on that. But, I haven't been completely slacking! I got a new sketchbook recently. I am loving this thing, and I've been playing with the white gel pen I also recently picked up. Yes, I was inspired by Will Terrel! Naturally, I can't get enough of this thing yet, but I'm sure I'll get it out of my system soon enough.

Nope, no marshamallows, I needed a break from them. A lot of trees, they're really fun to draw. Husband loves the pink one (because of the movement, not the pinkness) best.

Don't worry, I'll get back to marshamallows soon.