A Few Months in to 2015

Well, just barely. It's almost April and we just got snow dumped on us out here in general Chicagoland/northern Illinois. Grand.

Anyway, I was just chillin' after work, perusing calls for entry for art competitions when I realized something. I have no idea where my work really fits outside of the convention scene and/or comic stylings... so I kind of have this need to try to horn in to wherever I don't think I will belong. I do this on a personal level, too. Won't go in depth, but it seems to be a Thing I Do. Just to see if I can belong there.

I think I'll keep doing it.

Other news
I took a good chunk of the winter "off" from art projects because day job had become insanely busy, I got involved in a volunteer group this past fall, and I had a family project to work on. Also because a week of video gaming at Christmas left my carpal tunnel acting up something fierce, and I'm still struggling to get it under control. The family project is completed and delivered, the volunteer work continues, and the day job is improbably more insanely busy than it had been (but I still enjoy it, go figure). I'm slowly working on some new artworks, and whenever possible I'll share what I'm working on. I may forget to upload here, so be sure to follow me on instagram: https://instagram.com/twitchykittystudio/ and/or Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MallowKitty

The Facebook page has been updated to Twitchy Kitty Studio, as Marshamallow Surprise isn't inclusive enough anymore. There are other projects besides marshmallows I'll be working on, but the marshmallows are not going away. I'm not sure if/when this site will transition, but consider it a probability.