August 2015 News

winners of the marshmallow sticker battle!!

News! There is some! More or less.

For a couple too-short months, Marshamallow Surprise! art made its way into a very cute boutique in Rockford, appropriately named Cute as a Bug. Unfortunately, they had to close due to the property owner selling the building. Hopefully, they'll be able to re-open at an even better location soon. If that happens, you can be sure Twitchy Kitty Studio and Marshamallow Surprise! will be there!

I finished up the first set of marshamallow art for Artists in Cellophane, the folks who run the Art-O-Mat project! I was very happy to get the little marshmallow animals shipped off to them. The project took a bit longer than I had anticipated (doesn't it always?) even after taking Life into account. Still, I feel I did pretty good, what with being a one-man show and all.

Alllll those pieces for Art-O-Mat

After the high of getting those completed and shipped off eased, I thought what better way to celebrate than to ask my fans to vote on which marshmallow animals would make great stickers?! Yes, I am pretty sure I'm insane. We just finished all five rounds of voting and fans chose six out of that 50. I'm now getting the images prepped and uploaded to the RedBubble shop.

Once that's complete,  I'll be holding a raffle on Facebook — and possibly on Reddit and DeviantArt as well. I'm not sure yet on the latter two. My most active fans tend to be on Facebook, and though I have over 100 watchers on DeviantArt, it can be difficult to get interaction there. I'm not known on Reddit at all, really, so that may flop as well. Shouldn't hurt to try anyway, though, right?

So... keep your eyeballs peeled on the Twitchy Kitty Studio Facebook page, because more fun is coming! You could win a marshmallow sticker pack!!