From ArtNews: High Profile Artist Kicked out of Austrailia

Artist Panics Mid-Flight and Destroys Own Passport Because He Doesn’t Get to do Whatever He Wants. Gets Deported. 
Later makes up some BS about a demonstration on Privilege because that’s the “In” thing to do.

Is seriously what the header and sub-head should have been.

From what I gathered, dude was not happy with the work he was presenting and I presume was either mad he didn’t get to do what he really wanted to because reasons or he panicked because he thought his current work wasn’t “good enough”. After reading the entire article, I’m leaning toward the former.

In no way am I knocking the discussions around privilege, but let’s face it — it’s an easy cop out when you’re an artist who just had a sudden temper tantrum. Because Artist. We are masters at BS.

Read the article and come to your own conclusions, don’t take my word for it.