Why Marshmallows?

Sometimes we need the silly, the ridiculous. We need to stop taking things seriously and just have mindless fun. Even if it's just for a couple minutes. Or a moment. Because at times, a moment can last a lifetime.

Why marshmallows? Because it's different. Because it turns out fitting in — which I wanted more than anything while growing up — is overrated. Because marshmallows are generic enough that they can easily assimilate into the role of a human analog, in order to explore a variety of thoughts and issues more deeply than if the models/characters were actually people. Also because they are fairly generic, there is less probability for some to ask "are you talking about me?", while it's just as easy for someone else to say "that's so me."

Marshmallows are also how I deal with the worries of having a diabetic spouse. I torture the sugary demons, killing them in darkly humorous ways while relieving stress in a healthy, acceptable fashion. Simultaneously, I provide strangely light-hearted entertainment for myself and others. As I learn more about diabetes, the work changes, and perhaps the marshmallows aren't demons after all, but wild creatures that need to be handled carefully to prevent harm to those who would otherwise enjoy them.

In a nutshell, Marshamallow Surprise! began as a little something to make someone smile, and seemingly that was about it. But deep down, they are everything I cannot express verbally, and many things I didn’t even realize when I began the project. Look a little closer, you might be surprised.